Hearing Is Believing

Isolation Devices

Audio Unique isolation platform

Mag Lev One

Magnetic Levitation Isolation Platform

  • Lowers distortion across a wide frequency spectrum
  • Quieter backgrounds and immunity to vibrations
  • Improves fine detail, clarity and tonal neutrality
  • Delivers a wider, deeper soundstage
  • Vastly improves the bass definition
  • Larger dynamic contrasts

The isolation platform is made from high density fibreboard used for its mechanical stability and rigidness. It is an extremely stable material that is able to soak up micro vibrations and resonances. It has been precision CNC routed with inlays that contain magnets.

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Audio Unique mechanical diode feet

Mechanical Diode Feet

Mechanical Diode Feet

As used on the Mag Lev One, these brass cones come in packs of 3 or 4 and are available for DIY hobbyists or tweakers to use under your own equipment.

They are heavy for their size and are very well machined and finished. The top is threaded for attaching them firmly into your device.

Your furniture is protected by small coins made also of brass that will prevent the sharp point from damaging the surface.