Hearing Is Believing

What our customers say…

A great way of knowing whether a product is suitable for you, is to listen to what other people are saying about it.

Here's what customers say about our products:

“After reading a lot about power I thought it was time to check out power cables.

I had borrowed some and found that the cheap ones didn’t do much, perhaps nothing, but once you had $700 – $1000 to spend per cable, there was a noticeable difference.

I use Electrostatic speakers so that meant 4 cables, 2 for the speakers, 1 for the DAC, 1 for the amp, which meant it could be an expensive exercise.

Interestingly in the meantime I had met Mark Gusew, who told me that he was developing some affordable power cables that really worked. Really??

Well now I have 4 Audio Unique power cables for not much more than the price of one! I am very impressed! More of everything!! More bass, ( I was almost tempted to turn down the active bass speaker amp, but then realised I actually preferred that way!). More attack on the notes, more separation between the musical instruments!

We now play our music quite a bit louder (from 40% on the amp to close to 50% without getting irritated).. Some of the best money I’ve spent in hi-fi. Thanks Mark and Kwan!”
John D (Brisbane, QLD)

“Hi Mark, the Lady Wife says your power cables have WAF!!!”
John D (Brisbane, QLD)

“I have tried the CD solution and it definitely improves dynamic range.”
Nick (Coburg, Vic)

“You make some very high resolution cables”
Keith (Strathpine, Qld)

“Separation of voices and musical instruments is more apparent.”
David (Kew, Vic)

““I can hear the difference the enhancing fluid makes to CD’s in my car, the bass is punchier and more dynamic”
Eddie (Mango Hill, Qld)

“Suddenly there is more depth and spaciousness to the performance. It becomes more open with better bass definition.”
David (Kew, Vic)

“Your cables sound amazing, much better than what I have at the moment.”
Ashley (Torquey, Vic)

“The Audio Unique digital interconnect just kills the old Nordost one I use. And that is comparing it with your entry level model.”
Simon (Norlane, Vic)

“After burn in, that speaker cable has jumped to a whole new level, you really need to hear this. Inner detail, macro and micro all at the same time, I’m hearing new information from CD’s.”
Simon (Newtown, Vic)

“Tonally lovely”
Peter (Kibble, Vic)