Hearing Is Believing

Kwan Foo


Kwan has had extensive training and experience in the areas of Electronics Circuit Design, EMC, Communication Systems, Aircraft Electrical Power Systems, Aircraft In-flight Entertainment Systems and Aircraft Hydro-Mechanical Systems. The areas involved are for both commercial and military.

Kwan started his audio career in 1969 by designing valve amplifiers in various configurations. He then successfully branched into transistor circuit design, exploring topologies, before rounding off his experience discovering the merits of integrated circuits.

Kwan's qualifications include:

  • Graduate Diploma in Communication Engineering
  • Masters Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering

He has enjoyed senior membership to:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Kwan is responsible for the research and development of the Audio Unique product range, as well as overseeing manufacturing and quality control.